The Study Center Center for Communication, Society, and International Studies (CCSIS) hold an International Seminar with the theme "The Importance of Political Legitimacy in The Infrastructure Projects" in a series of events for the 2021 Anniversary of the Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences (FISKOM). The problems of social class and power are closely related to the current study of political sociology (2021). Max Weber defines politics as a means of struggle to jointly carry out power politics, or the struggle to influence the distribution of power. The study of politics and power is closely related to the concept of legitimacy (legality). Weber classified three main forms of legitimacy contained in power politics. First, traditional domination that comes from sacred and abstract customs describes the process of legitimizing this power. Second, charismatic domination comes from the dignity and personality of an individual who becomes a role model for the general public. Based on this theory, the government obtains validity depending on the views of society based on habits (tradition) due to charismatic factors and/or due to the point of view of the rationality of the rule of law.

This seminar aims to discuss the results of development research with the dynamics that occur socially and politically. this seminar was held on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, via Zoom Meeting. Participants in the National Seminar are academics, undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and general students. This event was attended by 238 participants. the event was opened by the vice dean Triesanto Romulo Simanjuntak,S.IP,M.A.

The first speaker is Prof. Tony Edward Waters who is a Professor of Sociology from California State University. Prof. Tony Waters began teaching at Chico State in 1996. He teaches classes in Classical Social Theory, Population, Criminology, and International Engagement. During his time at Chico State, he was also a visiting professor in Tanzania, Germany, and Thailand at Payap University. Prior to working in Chico State, he was with the Peace Corps in Thailand and worked with refugees in Thailand and Tanzania. His topic is "The Importance of Political Legitimacy in the Construction of Dams and Other Large Infrastructure Projects."

The second speaker, Ucu Martanto, S.IP., MA., and Rr. Diah Asih Purwaningrum ST, MT. Mr. Ucu Martanto is a lecturer in Political Science at Airlangga University with a research focus on Environmental Politics, Political Economy, Local Politics, Conflict, and Peace Studies. Mrs. Roro is a lecturer in the Architecture Department, Institut Teknologi Bandung. She also a Ph.D. candidate in the Faculty of Architecture, Building, and Planning at The University of Melbourne. Her research interests include architectural identity, architecture and politics, architectural design, and design approach and method. They are making collaborative research about “Build from the periphery: Nusantaran Architecture as a cultural legitimation of the infrastructure building".

The third speaker is Dr. Antik Tri Susanti, M.Si, is a Satya Wacana Christian University FISKOM Sociology lecturer with the topic “Approach Without Coercion: A Case Study of Indigenous Papuan Acceptance of the Boven Digoel Dam Development Plan”, which was the result of her research in Papua. We have a special guest Mr. David Wohlers licensed Professional Engineer in the United States, and work on road and bridge infrastructure. Mr. Da-vid Wohlers. The moderator is Putri Hergianasari, S.IP., M. IP who is a lecturer in International Relations at (Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication Sciences) FISKOM, and is currently conducting collaborative research with Prof. Tony Waters in 2021.

 (Putri Hergianasari/Mey -2021)