France is a country with the largest Moeslem population in Europe, nearly 7,5% of the population are Moeslems. Ironically, radicalization has increased in the past 10 years. It affects the rise of Islamophobia and it continues to increase until 2015. The worst effects of Islamophobia experienced by Moeslems Maghribi Women in France. This paper tries to show the relation between identity, Islamic context, and discrimination. The author tries to analyze the cause and impact of the discrimination to the identity of Moeslem Maghribi Women. Discrimination is focused on the difficulties to
find a job. This paper is using qualitative method with literature study, and Theory of Identity by Stuart Hall. The result is expected to give an overview of multiculturalism, Islamophobia, and discrimination against Moeslem Maghribi Women in France in order to defend the rights and freedom of the Moeslem Maghribi Women. The results also gives recommendation to the related parties, such as: government, French institutions, and media.