The title in this study is public perceptions of the Axe fallen angels advertisement in Indonesian version and the factors that influenced it. Axe is a perfume product that already has a name in the market, and its advertisement, it self a problem where the Ads of Axe angels version in Africa was banned because it is considered offensive of the Christianity in there. The ads of Axe also have Indonesian version, and according to a source who obtained the ads only appeared on the internet. Because of that the researcher are prompted to find out how public perceptions in Indonesia about that Ads as well as what factors are influencing the audience. The method used in this research is to interview the speakers who has religious backgrounds, Axe users and ordinary people or not the users of Axe products. After doing the research, researcher found that the interviewees tended to perceive the Ad as an ad that unfit for scenes contained and also most of the scenes are quite vulgar. So that the researcher found several factors that affected to their public perception are the Education, Culture, Religion, and sex.